Oct 4, 2006


I had a dream last night about car crashes. One I saw, one I knew the victims of and one I heard about vaguely. So, the dreamer dictionary says that a crash is a hint of achievement- or award-oriented news on the horizon, the bigger/louder the crash the better the news. Okay, so that's good. Then, there was another mention that the dreamer should avoid car travel at all costs for twenty-four hours after dreaming of car accidents. You know, I push a lot of boundaries in my life, but I really try not to moon the universe too often. Anyway, I don't have any reason to drive anyplace today anyway, so it's just as well.

I'm a featured performer at the Green Mill on Sunday night. Holy shit, I'm reading at the Green Mill on Sunday night! Wahoo! I have to admit, that place has been on my Top Five Lifetime Places To Do A Reading for quite some time. Seriously, I'm really psyched for it. 7 pm, people. Good times had by all. There is cover, but, ahem, it goes to a good cause. And, naturally, I will have books for sale and signing. Please and thank you.

Next week, on the 12th, I'm crusing up to Milwaukee to Broad Vocabulary, a totally fantastic, righteous, feminist bookstore. Got Milwaukee people? Send them and have them say hello. I'd love the company and this great, independent bookstore, I'm sure, would love the support.

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Chris Rettstatt said...

that's super cool. i love the green mill, and especially the slam.

i'll try to make it