Oct 1, 2006


I once had a rabbi laugh and tell me he had never heard anyone say Yom Kippur was their favorite holiday. For the record, I think I said that the time of year around Yom Kippur is my favorite, but whatevah. Point being, I love this time of year. From Rosh HaShanah, when the air gets chilly and I naturally start going through mental checklists, Shabbat Shuvah, when I think about my life, my spiritual standing in the world, my karam, the way I live and how I can feel more spiritually connected to the world, to Yom Kippur when I've really zeroed in the things I want to improve upon, and Sukkot, the most wonderful autumn celebratory feeling.. ahh. Good days. Good days.

So, with the exception of the room formerly known as my office (it's an in-flux room at the moment, but that will be taken care of for the most part today), my home is ordered and cleaned and scrubbed and dealt with and things feel relaxed and okay as Yom Kippur seals itself tomorrow. Tonight of course, Kol Nidre, is beautiful and moving and I love the feeling of thoughtful contemplation during Kol Nidre, then walking out into the chilly fall air. Last year, I was downtown and walked around and ended up on a pretty deserted Michigan Avenue, dressed up, walking, chilly, considering, thinking. Nothing really happened to make the night so memorable, but it just was.

Tomorrow, I'm reading a bit during the service, which I'm excited about doing.

Well, that said, I'm off to tie up the last little loose ends I mentioned.

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Leah in Chicago said...

Have an easy fast and wear the right outfit. ;)