Oct 26, 2006


The reading last night was wonderful!

To begin, the ladies at Mercury Cafe are wonderful, friendly, fun and have a great space to read in. (I want to throw a party there) They also have the perfect cup of hot cider and delicous vegan peanut butter rice crispie treats. If you find yourself just east of the Chicago/Ashland Aves. intersection, do make a point to stop by Mercury Cafe. Alexandria is a hands-on, hardworking, good-humored gem and her fabulous cafe is packed with delicious treats and it's one of those get-the-warm-fuzzies just by walking in kind of places. Plus you know I'm a fan of supporting women-owned businesses.

And they're down in the good ol' Ukrainian Village.

And, and, and, I had a great time with my audience last night and had fun meeting everyone and chatting afterwards as I signed books and made some new friends. Special thanks to the guy in the white sweater and the guy with the laptop who were good sports and let me give them shit during the thing.

Oh, and still more on the subject of super ladies doing super things, Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching, is having a last-minute but very great party thrown for her and her fabulous book tonight from 7-9pm by Yard Dog (1510 S. Congress Ave. in Austin) with live music by one-man band, John Schooley and free beer. Hello? That about as good as it gets. Austinites, (I know some of my readers are Austinites) get your butt out to see her and show her some love tonight. And buy her book. As a favor to me. You'll be very glad you did.

Ohhh, I have to pimp this, too: Lilith Magazine is looking for a webmaster/webmarm. I posted the goods here on Jewish Fringe.

Many projects today. Off I go.


BeatSpirit said...

You were so on last night! I love your badass readings and am so glad to be living in Chicago to check them out as frequently as possible. You ruled the Ukie Village last night.

Amy Guth said...

Thank you, Beat Spirit.

(Next time, introduce yourself so I can say hello.)

diane said...

It was a great reading!
And Mercury Cafe's caramel apple cider blows SB's out of the water!!

jake ryan of sixteen candles fame said...

I've spent all afternoon trying to recover from looking at your beautiful photo.

katie schwartz said...

how adorable are you, bubbalah, and what a fabulous night. you look over the moon! mazel tov.