Oct 11, 2006


Cool! I just found out I'll be reading on Wednesday, 10/18 at the extremely cool Metropolis Coffee, a place I know and love. It's at 6pm, so make sure you get there a few minutes early to get situated with their insanely good coffee and snacks, which are not to be missed! I just saw this on their website, which I had to post because, okay not to be hokey, I thought it was so simple, so true and can be applied to just about anything:

"We believe the essence of coffee comes from tension; tension between the hardness of the bean and the heat of the roaster, between the pressure of water in the machine and the dense pack of the fine grind. Reward is finer when earned, and coffee is sweeter when challenged. This is the core of our coffee philosophy."

AND, Metropolis is home to Operation Boldface where you get to pound out your thoughts on a vintage typewriter in the cafe. So cool!


leah said...

Oh yeah! They supply my cocaine.. er coffee habit!

All hail the best small roast in the country!

Amy Guth said...

I just thought about you coked up and it made me laugh.