Sep 15, 2006


Omaha is cute. I've not yet been here twenty-four hours, but I'm already having a great time. If you ever find yourself here, make a point to visit Reading Grounds Bookstore & Cafe. I arrived early enough to wander around and chat with the owners a bit beforehand, and they are both wonderful, funny, smart, interesting women and the bookstore is so cute and very thoughtfully arranged. Jami Attenberg and I both read there last night, and although the crowd was very small, they were a supportive audience and it was a very fun night. (If you haven't yet read her book, Instant Love, I encourage you to. It's a very funny and smart read.)

Afterwards, a watering hole with Morrissey, Pixies and The Cure on the jukeboke was located, a few new creative friends were made, and a mannerless travelling saleman hopefully learned a lesson about keeping his drunk and disorderly rambling to himself.

Let's hope so anyway.


Leah said...

So glad you got there safe and that things are going well! If you have time, I swear, go to the zoo.

Nicky said...

Wow, I really wish I knew by what means the mannerless travelling salesman learned his lesson! That sounds like something I would have liked to join in on!