Sep 6, 2006


Albert Einstein made a new friend yesterday, just before the reading. A new friend, I might add, who request The Shins, The Cars and Blondie while in the car, tirelessly sings along in her sweet little voice and knows absolutely every word.

Speaking of the reading-- it went well last night! It was hot as shit and humid in Savannah, so I started ditching clothes as soon as I walked into Sentient Bean.

You can't tell in this funny photo (look at my eyes!) but my cousin gave me a faaaaaantastic haircut yesterday afternoon. She is the only person I trust to cut my hair, truth be told. After my reading, Adrianne played for a little while. She didn't seem terribly social, but she really sang beautifully and it was a nice night (Funny moment: Adrianne played a beautiful song that she introduced as a recent song and her first time to write a breakup song. Suddenly I realized the song was about a woman named Amy. Uuuuncomfortable. Though I wish I could claim to have inspired a song [which I can't as far as I am aware], much less a good song, I am certainly not responsible for ever breaking her heart.) .

A friend of hers took the stage afterwards, but I only stuck around for a couple of her songs-- maybe I'm getting old, but her friend's set was just really loud, which is fine for a band, but weird in the womyn-chick-emo-folk genre.

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V. said...

If Einstein and the Travelling Gnome from those obnoxious ads ever get in a fight, I am putting on a tener on Einstein.

Kick his ass Al, punch him in the throat!