Sep 19, 2006


Today is for downtime. I've snuck in plenty of work anyway, but I did stumble upon iKitchen and spent a little time accomplishing nothing over there today. I don't really have a practical use for a Le Cruset French Oven, but I like to imagine that I do.

See, this all started because my coffee maker, trooper that it is, sometimes gives me the impression that it is about the crap out. But, I am determinded to make it last until I can hook myself up with a really incredible coffeemaker along these lines, but who am I kidding? Could I ever comfortably pay a grand for a coffee maker? Probably not. Then, I looked at this one and tried to imagine it in my kitchen, before clicking through page after page of coffeepots exactly like the one I own. Then, I reminded myself that I have been buying the same coffeepot for ten years and perhaps I might want to think about something else. Duh, Guth, Duh.

Anyway, I'm going on about this to show that, yes, despite being accused otherwise, I do take plenty of downtime and...

Well, I would be remiss to not point out a huge pet peeve of mine here. Look below the bra picture. Ughhhh. An apostrophe then "s" makes the word possessive. You hear? That means that the following word would be either what the bra in question owns or has or it would be a word to describe something the bra owns or has. Why is this all over the place these days? It should read "bras", as in the plural of "bra", but, no, we are stuck with "bra's". Sigh. Punctuation police? A little support here?


Nicky said...

I hear ya, Güth. I am with you on the apostrophe thing. It makes me absolutely nuts.

Check out this gem from a state park concession stand in Kentucky.

AL said...

i shure du hate bad punktiation to

Leah in Chicago said...

I have an extra coffeemaker if'n you wanna borrow till you get that purty $1000 one.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Bra's could be a contraction of some sort.

Like bra(ssieres for people with boob)s. Or bra(nson, Missouri rock)s.

Or something along those lines but less stupid.

Kristin said...

You mean like a billboard for a major insurance carrier that read's "There back" and make's me clench the steering wheel every morning? Yeah, that's the way I'm going out. Grammar road rage.