Aug 12, 2006


Last night, we barely had a minyan at Shabbat services. I get intimidated when I have to sing out very loudly to make up for a the lack of a large group.

The hints of fall weather are glorious. I love fall. No, more specifically, I love transitions. The first few weeks of any season are exciting and pleasant. It's when winter drags on, or summer drags on, that it gets boring. So, these hints that fall is around the corner are a good thing.

I am at home today, to do this and that, then a friend has an extra ticket to see an Israeli play, Hard Love, tonight with a discussion after by the dramaturg, and was nice enough to invite me, so I'm excited about that.

Tomorrow, I have a reading at Red Eyes Coffee Shop, which is weird to me, in a sense because it's in my neighborhood and I go there all the time for a coffee and a bagel. I go there to hang out and work to disappear and just chill. So, it's weird to go with the point of being heard and watched. Ah well, it's my favorite little place because it's so colorful and happy and cozy. I think it'll be a cool place for a reading.

The second peron in a week has just referred to me as the "literary Courtney Love". Fair enough, I make readings a little unconventional. Sure, I can dig that. I can be the literary Courtney Love. Only, say, without the drugs, cigarettes, and panty-flashing, but sure. Yeah. Totally.


Eric Spitznagel said...

Okay, fine, no drugs or panty-flashing. But can we at least count on you to leave your baby in a taxi? And when will you be shacking up with Billy Corgan?

Diane said...

Ms. Amy, I wanted to go tomorrow but I'm entertaining a friend of a friend from out of town. Though...*maybe* I can talk him into going. Much success! I will make one of the Chicago readings!

Anonymous said...

Don't you think this chick is more likely to shack up with, say, Christina Ricci than Billy Corgan? (I am going on the assumption that Ricci is the female equivalent of Corgan).

Just a rumor.