Jul 28, 2006


I'm not officially declaring this, but I have it in my head this morning that I am ready for another marathon. And, for some reason, the ING Miami Marathon in late January looks like a good one. And, the timing is excellent, as late January gives me just the right amount of time to train again.

I haven't gone out on a long run since the marathon I ran in 2005. I've run, but nothing like those hilly 18-mile runs I did before tapering off for the actual race. Last time, I worked in a half-marathon event into my training schedule, so the event served as my long-run at that point in training. Of course, if I go with Miami, that puts the Maui half-marathon right in line with my training. Man, tis a shame I won't be able to, oh say, sneak away to Maui during the late-September leg of my booktour. That'd be a really tough one to pull off. But, I'm sure there are plenty of half-marathons in the fall to pick from.

Anyway, does anyone have any insight about the Miami course? Anybody have thoughts on a good half-marathon in late-September? Does anybody realize how effective Charles Bronson would be as a marathon coach? I sure as hell do.

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