Jul 16, 2006


Good news! I'm going to do a reading or two and sit on a panel or two at the (Downtown) Omaha Lit Fest which looks like a really good time. I am hearing something about a large-scale art project that happens during the festival where artists and writers gather all of these discarded books being tossed out by the library and revamp them into artwork, then sell them at a silent auction. Wow. How cool does that sound? And, during the fesival, it appears that I'll be in excellent company, too, as a quick peek at the other participants will show. I'm really looking forward to this. Sounds fun. And, I've never been to Omaha.

I did drive through Nebraska once, years ago, with all of my worldly goods in my car. I stopped for the night at the best-lit motel I could find. As I checked in, the clerk seemed confused that I was alone. He even gave me a room for half-price because he was so surprised I was by myself. Whatever, I thought and trotted off to my room. I opened the door and found myself-- blammo!-- in the middle of a theme room. Hey, whatever. The parking lot was well-lit and a bed is a bed when you're that tired. Even when the bed is, say, shaped like a moon crater and you find yourself in an "Intergalactic" room. Oy.

Anyway, I'm sure this trip will be freaky for much better reasons. The festival is September 15-16, and details of venues and times and such will be up on the "events" section of my website as I find them out.


Reason #4,875 why I am a dork: I have carpal tunnel and this morning I woke up with a cramp in the base of my thumb so my thumb was locked in the center of my palm. So, I tried to press my hand out flat on the floor. No luck. Then, I tried to get my thumb and fingers spread over a doorknob. Just as the thumb-cramp packed-up camp and left, my cat darted past. I had been so focused on my hand issue that the cat scared me and, long story short, I hit myself in the face with the door. Nice.

Speaking of carpal tunnel, I am on a quest to find the perfect book tour pen! Holding a regular pen rates right up there with a root canal anymore and I will dread book signings unless I find the perfect pen. There are hundreds of pens that claim ergonomic support, so we shall see. The two I have already tried from the office supply store were duds.


Leah in Chicago said...

You could do the signings a la David Sedaris. He travels with a pack of stamps--maybe 5 or 6 if I remember correct. He signs or stamps the book--as his mood strikes him.

emily said...

Hey - thanks for the rog and for the link! Chicago Bloggers is surprisingly amazing, and it's good to fake-meet someone who lives in the neighborhood.

Can't wait to read more...re: pens, all I use is RSVPs, so my own wrists will probably be palsied and dead by the time I'm 50.

Take care -


Nicky said...

I think a pen that is larger than normal would be better (like a sharpie maybe?). You could grab onto it without having to clench your hand so tightly.