Jun 20, 2006


I spent yesterday evening in an alley sawing, sanding, painting and, yes, even glittering, as I helped with my synagogue's entry in the Pride Parade this weekend. I'm so happy with how everything turned out and I think it's all going to be a lot of fun. Some houses of worship are so unbearably stuffy and more of a fashion show than spiritual fulfillment. I love this synagogue because it's so come-as-you-are and nobody expects anything from anyone other than authenticity and everyone I've met seems so progressively minded and action-oriented.

Anyway, I'm so close to the end of editing that I might do a David Lee Roth-style high kick at any moment. Type, type, type... as you can see above, I'm getting punchy. Type, type, type...

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Anonymous said...

So, are you gay or just a good person?