Mar 6, 2006


It's nothing short of heartbreaking to think of the number of us, especially freelancers like me, who do not have health insurance and/or pay out the nose to self-insure. A friend of mine broke her wrist, demanded to be taken to the shit-ass county hospital and still nearly had to file bankruptcy. Bah! Further, I have been dealing with many different health insurance companies lately, as I'm shopping around, as I often do, to make sure I'm getting an okay deal, and blongity-bloong it's fucking confusing. I really appreciate when someone in a particular industry uses coded jargon only other industry insiders know. Sure, it pisses me off when people condescend one another, too, but, c'mon, there is a middle ground. I asked a customer service representative what a string of initials stood for and he scoffed. Audibly. It turned out to be something specific to pediatric emergencies. I don't have kids! So, how the hell would I know what it stood for then? Jeebus. Then, when I attempted to end the call by thanking the representative and insisting I needed a day or two to think over my options, the dude exploded. He said, "Sweetheart, you don't want to make a decision today? After all I've done for you?" Bling! Blam! Bloom! Did you hear that? Sweetheart? And, wait-- was that an attempt at making me not feel like a pleasing and nice girl for troubling you to do your fucking job? Get real. So, when it was over, I called the supervisor and let him know that I wouldn't be pursuing health insurance with any company that would allow their employees to speak to a customer or potential customer like that. Boo!


Gil said...

Maybe you fuck'n art fags should get real jobs that give you insurance!! Quit living off of my tax dollars! You seem just like the kind of dumbass who probably gets welfair.

Eric S said...

You're right! All these whining art fags demanding "welfair" make me a little disgusted as well. What do these people expect? Medical coverage that isn't dependent on their net worth? Bah! Health insurance isn't a right, it's a privilege. If you get cancer, it's probably just God's way of saying, "I don't care for your career choices." If you want universal health care, move to Canada. Or Great Britain. Or Sweden. Or Finland, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Cuba, Denmark, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, France, etc. etc. But here in the US of A, we won't tolerate your insurance mooching!

Thank god somebody finally had the guts to stand up for the taxpayers! Our hard-earned money should go towards paying for more bombs to drop on random nations of brown people, not giving some sickly fucker a free chemo ride!

God bless America and the Baby Jesus!

GingerKid said...

Hey Gil. Did you read her profile? She sounds like she's working her butt off as a writer. There isn't a big corporate HQ for writers. Nope. She's working on her own. Maybe if you read something once in a while, you'd stumble across her. I don't even know the lady and I can tell she's not on "welfair".