Mar 1, 2006



Who writes Bigmouth Indeed Strikes Again?
Amy Guth.

How do you pronounce "Guth", anyway? What kind of a name is that?
When written, there is an umlaut over the "u", and it is, at least in the English-speaking world, pronounced to rhyme with "tooth". The name is Alsatian, and when there, or just about anywhere else in Europe, one might more accurately pronounce it to rhyme with "boot". I answer to both.

What do you do?
A lot of things. I write freelance articles, essays and blog posts, many of which you can find here. I cover all things local and literary for the Tribune's ChicagoNow blog, Chicago Subtext. I also write short fiction and novels, starting with Three Fallen Women, which came out in 2006 from So New. In late 2007, I founded Pilcrow Lit Fest, an annual small press and independent media festival in Chicago (spring) and Nashville (autumn). In late 2008, I became managing editor of So New, the publishing firm who published my first novel. I'm also an assistant fiction editor at 42 Opus, and a regular co-curator/co-host of Reading Under The Influence (voted Reader's Choice for Best Chicago Reading Series or Open Mic, 2009). I also make short films and do some webcasts, some of which can be found here. Most are still in hiding or in-progress. I participate in a lot of running, adventure and fitness events, and volunteer in both the disaster and mass care areas of American Red Cross. I have an Etsy shop of recycled paper greeting cards, for fun.

Previously, I did improv comedy through the Second City training center, and a few other improv spots around Chicago, appeared on an episode of Sex & The City and in one Spanish-speaking film, and, accidentally, was briefly a model in my early twenties for conceptual art clothing and a hair salon. But, it was quite accidental, I can assure you. I also used to work in the hospitality industry-- catering, an event planner, a line cook, then garde-manger, then assistant pastry chef, and later pastry chef, specifically-- like my Dad.

Are you for hire?
Short answer: I might be. Best to email to discuss specifics, and any potential conflict of interest with my current projects/clients.

I have experience writing articles, blog posts, web content, ad copy, essays and fiction, and do multi-media coverage or reviews of events. I also edit web copy, ad copy, essays and manuscripts, and once in a while, I copyedit. I often script, shoot, edit and/or appear in digital videos, of a promotional, documentary or creative nature. I also consult for fundraising events including fitness events for individuals or groups, literary events and live auctions. I am available for travel, and for speaking-- most often about writing, books, and authors utilizing social media.

Do you blog anyplace else?
Yes, in addition to blogging all things local and literary for the Tribune's ChicagoNow blog, Chicago Subtext, I also write a fitness, endurance sport and running blog called Bonkless.

Why are your post titles in quotation marks?
They're all taken from songs by either The Smiths or Morrissey.

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