Jun 10, 2007


Random curiosities of random rank:

My Dad is home and says he just wants to sleep for two days and will call and tell all after that.

I have cable again.

I'm going first, this morning, to a good old synagogue yard sale (Hello to the grannies donating their designer vintage!), then to the Printers Row Book Fair to say hello to a few folks, then tonight, my vegetarian ass is going to brave Ribfest so that I can see Baby Teeth.

I have a loaner cell phone that is a dinosaur. If I don't respond to your texts or don't answer when you call, I probably have no idea. Or, I have no interest in talking to you. Either way, nothin' personal.

It throws me for a loop when someone completely misreads me.

Remember I decided not to cut my hair until my second novel is out into the world? Well, if I don't hurry, my moppy head will drive me bonkers.

Don't click this link at work! This was sent to me and I don't know what to think about it.


Eric Spitznagel said...

I don't know which is more disturbing, the idea of you at Ribfest or the terrible knowledge that somebody, somewhere, thinks that nature got it wrong and a vagina actually belongs a few feet lower.

If this trend continues, will athlete's foot now count as an STD?

John Kuttenberg said...

As I sit here in my office on Sunday, my 14th day in a row without a day off, I am turning green with envy thinking about someone being able to go to Printer’s Row. (Actually the green part may be mold beginning to grow on me in this office without ventilation on the weekend) Well I guess I am learning about the literary cycle … I had originally thought I could be giving your new book to my niece for graduation. Now that I think about it I am envying your deadlines. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ha! I almost invited you to RibFest yesterday b/c there was a group of us going, but I thought, no way, Amy won't want to go to that. ;) Well, I must say, the grilled corn dipped in chipolte lime butter was AMAZING.
Glad Pa Guth is home safe and sound!

Maddie Christofer said...

Holy Mother of Pete, I know EXACTLY what to think of that site! How about "Oh my effin' lord, you crazy twisted motherf*ckers!". What the hell? Somewhere in the world, there is a production line putting these out. Me thinks me needs a soothing beverage...