Nov 1, 2008


Here is something I admire about my Dad:

In October, just a few weeks ago, my Great-Uncle died (though he's actually my first cousin once removed), my Uncle Craig died very suddenly, then last week, my Dad's close friend died of cancer, my Great Aunt Thelma was diagnosed with colon cancer, and this past week, another of my Dad's best pals, one of the two family dogs, died in her sleep. We're all okay, mind you, accepting each that such matters are a part of life, and really just amazed at the volume of life happening at once and processing each as it comes.

Life is "fucking damn short" my father declared, and he swapped his sensible new Honda for a convertible Porsche. I appreciate zest like that; little of life is lost on him.


Pete said...

That's great. My dad was the same way, albeit without the f-bomb.

David H. said...


Amy's Dad said...

The f-word is not necessarily an f-bomb but more of a extra adjective, adverb or noun!

WTF, over! (radio jargon)

Amy's Dad said...

Also, Thanks Ames!

However, it is not actually a convertable! It is a 300 HP Porsche Cayenne "S". It really hauls ass!

It would be great to have that car up here in Montana but the last 17 miles to the ranch are sloppy gravel and that part would not be good.